Chain Link Fence vs. Wood Fence

Chain Link Fence vs Wood Fence

Among the most prevalent fence types for residential and commercial purposes, chain link and wood fences stand out. Both offer robustness, security, and privacy potential, albeit with distinct merits and drawbacks.

Both chain link and wood fences, encompassing wood picket and wood privacy styles, fulfill various roles, from containing children or pets to enhancing security and augmenting property aesthetics.

Chain link fences find favor in residential settings due to their affordability and ease of installation. Available in four and six-foot heights, the four-foot variant prevails due to its cost-effectiveness. Nevertheless, the six-foot alternative delivers enhanced security, making it more formidable to climb.

Comparison to Wood Privacy Fences

In contrast, wood privacy fences promise comprehensive seclusion by aligning boards without gaps. This makes them an ideal choice for homeowners seeking to shield themselves from neighbors or foster an air of seclusion in their outdoor space.

However, wood picket fences offer diminished privacy, featuring spaced pickets that allow glimpses through. This quality may suit homeowners keen on monitoring their children or pets, or those interested in showcasing their landscaping.

Why Chain Link Fences Are Popular

Chain link fences remain popular across residential and commercial settings owing to their affordability and simplicity of installation. Furthermore, they boast durability, withstanding substantial wear and tear.

Nonetheless, chain link fences inherently lack privacy unless complemented with plastic slats. The six-foot version of chain link fencing affords more privacy compared to the four-foot variant. Additionally, chain link fencing can sport vinyl covering in black or green, or it can take on a California-style appearance, incorporating wooden posts and caps for a distinct visual identity.

Other Factors in Consideration

Cost – The expense of a fence hinges on material choices, quality, and dimensions. Additional boards in wood fencing, thicker chain link materials, and the incorporation of post caps can escalate costs. Generally, chain link fencing proves more budget-friendly than wood fencing of comparable size.

Durability – Chain link fencing typically undergoes galvanization for added protection against environmental elements. The longevity of wood fences varies based on wood type. Midwest Fence employs Durazyme®-treated Western Red Cedar, bolstering its rot-resistance and minimizing warping, twisting, or discoloration. Nevertheless, chain link fences generally boast a longer lifespan than wood counterparts.

Maintenance – Chain link fences necessitate minimal upkeep, while wood fences might require repainting or restaining every few years. Though treated lumber is less susceptible to decay, it still requires maintenance to shield against elemental harm. On the whole, chain link fences demand less maintenance than wood alternatives.

Part 2: Choosing Between Wood Privacy and PVC Fencing

Part 2: Choosing Between Wood Privacy and PVC Fencing

For those with children or pets seeking enhanced privacy and security beyond the realm of chain link or wood picket fences, the options of wood privacy and PVC fences present themselves as alluring alternatives. These choices offer a blend of elegance and visual appeal, delivering the desired privacy and security while maintaining a stylish aura.

Wood privacy and PVC fences stand as the epitome of combining style with practicality.

Wood privacy fencing caters to diverse requirements, but it needs consistent maintenance to preserve its original allure and may require occasional repairs as it ages. The impact of weather and the elements can occasionally leave certain wood fences vulnerable compared to alternative fence types.

Per square foot, wood fencing usually carries a higher cost than chain link fencing. However, the material expenses for wood fencing are generally lower than those for other non-chain link fence types.

When considering the total cost of a wood privacy fence, it’s imperative to account for ongoing maintenance, potential repairs, and a potentially shorter lifespan.

The precise installation cost of a wood privacy fence hinges on the volume of wood needed, a factor determined by the fence’s height and style.

Diverse styles of wood privacy fences abound, ranging from simple alternating boards to more intricate designs featuring tongue-and-groove, interlocking boards, and basketweave patterns. Moreover, there are louvered wood privacy fences employing elongated boards, fences adorned with decorative capped posts, and those displaying gracefully curve-cut tops.

The rich array of style options significantly contributes to the popularity of wood fences. With an array of styles to choose from, a wood privacy fence can cater to every taste.

The type of wood employed, the color of the stain or paint, and the incorporation of additional elements like latticework or trellises further enable the customization of a wood privacy fence’s appearance.

Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing has garnered favor among homeowners for its minimal maintenance demands, impressive durability, and accompanying lifetime warranty. Vinyl fences eschew the need for painting or staining and can be effortlessly cleaned using a hose and water. They exhibit resilience against environmental factors, withstanding rotting and warping.

The spectrum of vinyl fence styles has expanded beyond basic privacy panels to encompass picket and rail fences, even featuring simulated wood grain. However, the prefabricated nature of vinyl fences results in fewer style alternatives compared to the versatile on-site construction of wood fences. Additionally, vinyl fences are available in a limited selection of predetermined colors.

For those seeking a low-maintenance fence primed to endure the years, vinyl fencing stands as an attractive choice. However, it’s worth noting that vinyl fences may entail higher initial costs than their wood counterparts.

While vinyl fences are initially pricier than wood fences, the lifetime warranty and absence of regular upkeep may offset the higher expense over time. Vinyl fences also exhibit heightened durability, often outlasting wood fences for many years.

For inquiries concerning these fence options or any other types, don’t hesitate to engage a Midwest Fence professional for a complimentary consultation. Reach out at 651-451-2222.

In our subsequent article, we’ll delve into Trex composite and ornamental iron fencing.

Part 1: What Kind Of Fence Should I Get?

Part 1: Choosing the Right Fence Style

Having considered your preferences for a fence installation, let’s look at fence types to determine the most suitable options for your requirements. This article will focus on chain link fences and wood picket fences.

Chain Link Fencing

Due to its affordability, durability, and ease of installation, chain link fencing remains a popular choice among homeowners. Thanks to galvanized steel, chain link fences boast remarkable durability and resistance against rust and corrosion. They prove particularly resilient in regions with high winds or heavy snowfall.

With various color options such as green, black, and white, chain link fences can be tailored to your aesthetic preferences. 

For added privacy, privacy slats can be incorporated. These fences prove versatile for an array of projects, including backyards, playgrounds, schools, and more.

When compared to other fence types, chain link fencing typically offers an economical choice. However, pricing can fluctuate based on factors like the specific chain link variant chosen and any supplementary elements included in the fence design.

Wood Picket Fences

Given their range of design possibilities and customizable features, wood picket fences rank among the favored choices for homeowners.

Comprising spaced wood slats, wood picket fences facilitate airflow and visibility. However, their design translates to limited privacy. Furthermore, these fences are typically only four feet in height, which can compromise their security.

Despite these considerations, wood picket fences retain their popularity due to their affordability and ease of installation. They offer an array of styles, including classic Colonial wood picket fences, French Gothic wood picket fences, as well as the elegant Wedgewood and Capped Rail picket fences.

Maintenance demands for wood picket fences exceed those of other fence types. Regular staining or painting every few years is necessary to shield them from the elements. Although this process can be time-consuming and costly, the end result can significantly enhance the visual appeal of your property.

If contemplating a wood picket fence, it’s crucial to meticulously weigh its advantages and disadvantages. While not universally suitable, they can lend a touch of beauty and style to your residence.

Should you seek further insights into wood picket fences or any other fence variety, do not hesitate to connect with the professionals at Midwest Fence for a complimentary consultation. Reach out at 651-451-2222.

In our upcoming article, we will delve into wood privacy fences and PVC (vinyl) fencing.

Midwest Fence Google Reviews

Here are just a few of the Google reviews we have received here at Midwest Fence.

Melissa Barnard
7 reviews · 7 photos
2 months ago

They did a beautiful job with our fence! Even came out and fixed something at no charge when our gate doors started rubbing together and wouldn’t open and close well.


Abigail Eddy
Local Guide · 31 reviews
6 months ago

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Responsiveness, Value. We met Kevin yesterday. We were not sure about fencing and how much it cost. Midwest was the best price with the most quality. We decided to wait until spring so we can pay off other debt before making such a big purchase. Kevin was awesome about helping us find the right fence and meeting our needs specific to our property. Because of his professionalism, quick response regarding quote and changes we can’t wait to get our fence in the spring. We can’t wait to be customers of this company. BY FAR most professional and best price.. and we got A LOT of quotes. We are so impressed.


Anna C. Wisch
Local Guide · 79 reviews
4 months ago

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
This is the company to use if you want any kind of fence. We had at least 6 estimates done (I wanted Midwest, but figured I would get a few others to compare). Midwest wasn’t the cheapest (more in the upper middle of the estimates), but they seemed more professional (didn’t bash other companies, etc.) & their financing was the best. SO thankful we went with Midwest! We have the nicest fence in the neighborhood 🙂 We couldn’t believe how professional every one of these workers were. SO professional…I mean no loud music, no crude talk (we had neighbors get concrete work done & were disgusted at the language, etc. we heard from them)…Midwest was Clean, Professional, Efficient, kind & very skilled workers…Completely worth every penny we paid. Would highly recommend using this company.


Paul LaCroix
13 reviews
3 months ago

Great place for quality work and materials. The staff is knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. Fair and honest pricing with no hidden surprises. I highly recommend Midwest Fence.


Bill Farmer
3 reviews · 6 photos
a year ago

First class operation all around. From the initial estimate last fall, to the crew that set the posts to the final product. Great group of guys that were nothing but courteous and respectful of us and our home.


Splatt Studios
Local Guide · 11 reviews · 46 photos
6 months ago

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
The company was great. We replaced a cedar privacy fence and extended the existing fence a bit. The bid came in lower than others and the product was very high quality! They were professional and on time. Even amongst the chaotic spring/summer of 2020. Definitely recommend!!!


Charles Williams
Local Guide · 46 reviews
7 months ago

Friendly staff, great service. Got my fence about a year ago and needed a small repair. They took car of the problem with no questions asked. Very happy with the service and the fence is great. Install was quick and crew was professional.


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Midwest Fence Angie’s List Reviews

6 months ago:

Everyone on the team was incredibly punctual. Derek, the estimator, was very helpful in deciding what kind of fence should be put up.  The new fence is stunning; and we are getting super reviews from neighbors.

1 year ago:

They installed the fence great. They came on time.  I was given very clear payment options.  I had an opportunity to change the colors of my fence and they accommodated it.  They were very personable and very efficient in their work. Overall they are a good people to work with.

1 year ago:

Originally had old fence torn out and replaced with a new one.  Needed an adjustment on the gate and a pole that was heaving. It went great! Tony and Dale showed up in the time window I was told. Originally they were only coming to adjust the gate, but then I noticed one pole was heaving and the concrete was pushing above ground.  Instead of making us wait to have that fixed, they took care of it right away. The guys were very personable and wanted to be sure we were pleased with everything,  They were awesome!

1 year ago:

Installed a chain link fence.  We were told they would install 7-8 weeks from time of order, but ended up installing in about 4 weeks.  We were pleasantly surprised!

1 year ago:

Finishing off fence in the backyard.  All I can say is, exceptional work!  I personally didn’t talk to anyone at Midwest Fence as my husband was responsible for that, but my husband said they were really great to work with.  They arrived when they said they would and they cleaned up after themselves.  If I didn’t see the fence in our backyard, I wouldn’t have even known they were there.  They were able to do everything while we were at work which was a HUGE plus.  We had a 6 foot cedar privacy fence put in and it exceeded my expectations.  It is absolutely beautiful!  I gave a B to the price because I never realized how expensive fences were but since we got multiple bids and they came around the same price, I would have to say their prices are fair.  I would DEFINITELY recommend them to others!

2 years ago:

We wanted an exercise pen for our new Siberian Husky puppy.  We ordered a 6ft high 24 x 14 chain link pen from Midwest Fence. Midwest Fence was great.  I contacted three fence companies that were highly rated on Angie’s list.  One never responded.  One gave me a quick quote over the phone sight/site unseen and said his guy would contact me. No subsequent contact.  On the other hand, Midwest Fence’s salesperson called me back the same day, He came out, looked at what we wanted, discussed options, and gave me a quote lower than the other.   Since it was November, I was told work probably could not begin until spring.  To our joy, the fence was installed during a warm spell in December.  It looks great.  The crews were professional and pleasant.  Two weeks later when I called about an adjustment I needed, a crew appeared the next day and made the adjustment.

2 years ago:

I needed a privacy fence installed all around my back yard.  I live in St. Paul so I was able to go up to the property lines. being from the country and moving to the city this was a must have the overall process was great; from the time the estimator came out to the last nail pounded.  I am so happy with your fence. I would recommend Midwest Fence to anyone and everyone!

2 years ago:

New privacy fence is great!  They were on time, worked quickly, and completed the job as specified.

2 years ago:

It went excellent – the fence looks great, the work was done quickly and the workers were extremely professional, even to a nosy elderly neighbor!