Pressure Treatment for More Durable Wood Fences

From more affordable choices for wood fences such as pine, to more visually appealing options like redwood, making your choice is the first and easy decision. But you’ll also want to consider various wood treatment methods, which includes a newer innovation for a durable wood fence—Duracedar.

What is Pressure Treatment in Wood?

Pressure-treating wood is a technique manufacturers use to extend the life of wood against rot, termites, and other insects that degrade it. This process involves injecting chemicals into the wood under high pressure to preserve it. It can be used to infuse various types of chemicals and materials into the wood, making it ideal for fencing.

Pressure-treated wood is commonly used in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. Examples include:

Batten Board Cedar fence image
  • Railroad Ties and Guardrail Posts beside roadways
  • Timbers for Marine Use treated with creosote

The treatment process is most effective on sapwood, the softer outer layer that transports sap from the tree’s base to its height. In contrast, heartwood—the denser, inner core providing structural strength—is less receptive to treatment.

Introducing Duracedar

cedar picket fence image

Treating wood for fence rails and posts is a common practice. However, Midwest Fence has taken this a step further by developing a proprietary pressure-treating method specifically for western red cedar through extensive testing.

Duracedar addresses common issues associated with traditional pressure-treated lumber, such as warping, twisting, checking, and discoloration. This innovation promises greater durability and aesthetic appeal, making it an excellent choice for your fencing needs.

By leveraging advanced techniques and continual testing, Duracedar stands out as a superior option for those seeking long-lasting, beautiful wood fencing.

Modern Wood Treatment with Midwest Fence

The evolution of wood treatment methods offers homeowners and businesses enhanced durability and longevity for their fencing projects. From traditional pressure-treated wood to the innovative Duracedar, the options have never been more robust or varied.

Interested in learning more? Contact Midwest Fence to explore how Duracedar can elevate your next fencing project.

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