What Are The Advantages Of PVC Fences?

Among the main fencing materials is PVC fencing. PVC stands for Polyvinyl Chloride, a material made from a combination of plastic and vinyl.

The material is extremely popular in plumbing because it doesn’t rust and can readily absorb shock.

While plumbers have been using the material for more than a half-century, PVC fencing was introduced in the marketplace in the 1980s, principally in the agricultural industry.

The key selling points were the fence’s durability and low maintenance. PVC doesn’t twist or warp and is resistant to wear and damage from climate. They are resistant to bugs and insects, as well.

PVC fences never have to be painted or stained, a plus for use on horse farms where white fences are desired. …

Choosing The Fence That’s Right For You

There are four main reasons homeowners typically look to install a fence in all or part of their property.

They are:

  • Containment. This fencing is designed to keep your children and/or pets in your yard. A wide variety of fence types can meet this need.
  • Security. This fence is designed to keep others out, including animals. This would include fencing around pools.
  • Privacy. These fences are installed to shield parts of a property from neighbors or passers by.
  • Decorative. This is when a fence is used as a design element for a house or landscaping. The same fence can serve another purpose, as well.

If you are thinking about building a fence for your backyard, around a pool or an entire property there are several factors to consider. …