Finding A Twin Cities Fence Contractor You Can Trust

In our recent blog posts we have discussed how to best prepare to choosing the right fence contractor that is right for you and for your job.

We discussed how to prepare for interviewing prospective contractors, how to evaluate prospective fence contractors and how to identify red flags when meeting with the prospective contractors.

In this blog post we will discuss how to begin finding fence contractors for you to interview. By this point you should know the material and style of fence you prefer — wood fence, chain link fence, PVC fence, Composite fencing — mapped out how the fence will lay on your property and developed a preliminary budget.

You should also have an understanding of warning signs from a contractor you are interviewing. With all this information, here’s some tips on how to find contractors for you to interview:

— Be careful to simply rely on a phone book or online search. Talk to neighbors and acquaintances who have fences about their experience, what they wish they had done differently and how it worked with their contractor.

— While those sources can give you names of fence contractors, the discussions will provide you with references and businesses to avoid. You want a contractor that can do custom work to fit your project, and not rote, cookie-cutter work.

— Don’t hesitate to call local chambers of commerce or the Better Business Bureau. These sources can give you some history about a company, how long they have been around, complaints (if any) and prove you perspective about the contractor.

— As part of your interview process as contractors to see their portfolio of work. They should be willing to show you a portfolio of completed jobs — online or off — or even give you addresses of nearby homes where they have installed a fence.

— Ask the contractor if any fence images you see on their website are photos of actual jobs they have done or if they copied the images from a manufacturer, bought the image or acquired them from another contractor.

They key when looking for a fence contractor is that they are transparent, reputable and show a history of willingness to work with a homeowner’s custom needs rather than installing a fence uniformly.

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