Choosing The Right Twin Cities Fence Contractor – Pt. 1

Your home is both a major life investment and one of your most personal items. This means any decision you make related to your house — particularly anything affecting the exterior curbside appeal — has an impact both personal and financial, making the decision doubly important.

This includes installing a fence on your property, for safety and protection, appearance or both. The decision carries more weight because it can also be a significant investment.

All the factors wrapped together mean finding the fence contractor to install the correct fence in the right way is of utmost importance.

There are some basic steps the you can take to ensure you find the right fence contractor for your job, starting with researching:

Make sure the contractor is established. When you call the company’s main phone number you should receive a personal, professional receptionist and not the voicemail of the owner.

Make sure the business address is a verifiable commercial space and not a residence. This can be easily checked using an online mapping service.

When you examine listings online and off, you can learn about the company’s reputation online. But, be careful to not simply go with the first company you come across and understand companies with the largest ad or who appear first in listings doesn’t necessarily make them the best.

Before you begin calling fence contractors seeking estimates, if it best to be prepared:

Research the various types of fence materials — chain link, wood, PVC fencing or new composite materials — along with fence styles, such as wood privacy fencing, PVC picket fences, California chain link fencing, etc. and decide you preference.

Use magazines or websites to do the research. You can also talk with neighbors and friends about their fences and what they like and don’t like about their choice.

Determine how you want your fence to run on your property. Include any gates or other openings you seek. Take measurements to understand roughly the length of fence you seek.

After doing your research, develop a budget. Know how much you are willing to spend on materials and labor and be willing to share this information with the contractors you are interviewing, including the material and style you prefer. You are seeking confirmation that they can work within those budgets, with those materials and this information will ensure you are accurately comparing bids between contractors.

These steps are designed to screen potential contractors. In our next post we will discuss how to interview prospective fence contractors to find the one that is right for your job.

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