Choosing The Right Twin Cities Fence Contractor – Pt. 2

After selecting a fence contractor to interview for the job, and you are talking with them or a salesperson, how the conversation plays out can also provide hints on whether they are the right contractor for you job:

Pressure to make an immediate — or even quick — decision should make you wary.

Pressuring to pay in cash only is another reason to be concerned. While many legitimate contractors will offer a discount if you pay in cash, asking customers to pay only in cash is likely a red flag.

Any contractor who doesn’t offer to provide a written estimate — or evades providing one upon request — should cause concern.

When you begin discussing project details there are key questions which can provide helpful answers while giving insight into the quality of the contractor:

What fence material makes the most sense for your project given the estimated budget, location on the property and your taste?

If your job involves replacing a fence, or repairing a section, inquire how the contractor plans on completing the task, what is done with old materials and the process they use on the job.

Does the contractor have a proven track record of staying within the estimate? Do they have a similar record on finishing on time?

Is a warranty offered, not just by the manufacturer, but by the contractor?

One key point is to not be bashful about asking direct questions and noting the answers. Also, do make sure you speak with multiple contractors.

In the end, make sure you take responsibility to interview the contractor and know the answers you seek beforehand.

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