Best Fence For Swimming Pools

Enclosing a swimming pool is a good idea for a variety of reasons. From privacy to security and, above all else, safety, homeowners protecting their pool need to select the type of fence to fit those needs along with their individual style and taste.

Understanding applicable ordinances and rules to enclose a residential pool is important before making a final fence decision as they may have height and setback requirements that can affect the choice.

Wood Fences For Swimming Pools

Wood fencing for swimming pools are a solid option as they are custom built and offer various levels of privacy, height and styles. This allows fitting the fence to the contour of a property and also painting or staining a preferred color.

Quality wood fences are made with pressure-treated Western Red Cedar, protecting against insects and rot. Properly installed wood fencing requires repainting or restaining as the color fades, and may need an occasional cleaning.

PVC Fencing For Swimming Pools

PVC — or vinyl fencing — is another solid option for a swimming pool fence. Vinyl fencing comes in a variety of styles, including privacy and picket styles. The fencing also comes in multiple colors.

It is difficult to customize vinyl fences as it comes in pre-fabricated panels and put together on site. PVC also doesn’t take paint well. They are a lightweight material that is easily washed and requires little or no maintenance over time.

Ornamental Iron Fence For Swimming Pools

Ornamental iron fence is another solid choice. While the fences are no longer made of iron — typically aluminum or steel to prevent rusting — they are still a solid choice for a swimming pool fence. They are among the strongest of fences and typically are the most secure as a result.

Ornamental iron fences may need painting on occasion, but otherwise little or no maintenance is needed. They come in a variety of styles, all of which offer a classic elegance and grace. The fences are difficult to scale, particularly with pointed tops.

Chain Link Fencing For Swimming Pools

Chain link fences are among the most popular fences as they are the most affordable fence type. Galvanized chain link can withstand the elements and require little or no maintenance. There are multiple styles, including vinyl covered in green or black, or using wood posts and rails in the style of California chain link fence.

While the fence is an affordable fencing option that can offer basic security, the life span isn’t considered as long as wood, vinyl or ornamental iron.

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