Fence Options For Growing Families

Our previous post discussed the consideration a young, growing family should consider when discussing installing a backyard fence. Those options include Security, Privacy, Durability and Price.

In this post we will examine the various fence types available to homeowners and how the compare to the evaluations outlined previously.

When considering a fence for a family looking to keep children safe while they are alone outside there a several fence types:

Chain Link Fences. These fences are good at keeping children contained and unwanted animals out of your yard. However, while residential chain link fences can be of any height, they typically are four or five feet tall and can be traversed with some effort.

Chain link is also the most affordable fence type. Made from galvanized steel wire woven in a recognizable diamond pattern, chain link fences are durable and require little maintenance. They offer little privacy unless plastic slats are used.

They can be covered in black or green vinyl to help it blend into your yard, or can be used with wooden posts and cross beams to provide a distinctive appearance. Because the chain link is galvanized it is durable and has a longer lifespan than wood.

Wood Fences. Wood fences come in a variety of forms and styles, including fences that offer privacy and those that don’t. Wood privacy fences typically are seven feet or taller, ensuring privacy and containment. Wood privacy fences also provide better safety, making sure they are difficult to scale.

Wood picket fences are also effective at containment, but offer no privacy and typically are four feet high or shorter, making them good t keeping animals out but less so unwanted visitors. Wood fences typically require ongoing maintenance, including staining or painting as they weather wears on them.

Wood fences are also typically more expensive than chain link, but are still considered affordable. While they can be installed as a do-it-yourself project, safety is ensured with professional installation.

PVC Fencing. PVC fences come in the same styles and types as wood fences, and offer the same containment and safety as their wood counterparts. They require less maintenance and can be cleaned with soap and water.

Ornamental iron fences. These are the most expensive type of fence, and while offering no privacy they are the strongest and most durable of fences. Ornamental wrought iron fences are also difficult to traverse, providing safety.

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