Pros and Cons of Trex Fencing

The traits that make Trex fencing desirable include durability and low maintenance and also a lasting beauty. Trex fences offer durability and performance that you can’t get from wood and it comes in a variety of color and style choices.

The traits that lead to not using Trex fencing include the cost, some limitations in design and color and installation can be difficult. Composite fences typically come in prefabricated panels in a fixed size and design. Customizing them is difficult and can void a warranty and painting composite materials is tricky.

While those are generally considered the cons, they can also be viewed as a positive because Trex fences require little or no maintenance beyond cleaning with a hose.

While maintenance costs of wood fences — particularly wood privacy fences — can run high over time. That means that Trex fencing might cost more up front, there is never a need to sand, stain or paint. Over the life of your fence, maintenance costs for wood fencing begin to add up in cost and effort. They may end up proving to cost more than the initial cost of the Trex fencing.

The increased durability and lasting power make Trex Fencing a great alternative to wood fencing. Trex fences are made to withstand a variety of weather from torrential rains to strong wind.

Trex fencing does offer some versatility in the types of styles offered with varying heights, slopes and dimensions available. Talk to you fence contractor about those options. Because of the composition of Trex fencing it can adapt to any climate, the material will expand and contract with the different changes in temperature.

Trex fencing is made from 95 percent recycled material — including wood fragments adn recycled plastic — so it is considered friendly for the environment. Since it is made from recycled material color variations should be expected and some tests have shown that composite fences can experience color fading over time.

Trex composite fencing also is a good choice for keeping areas safe. Since it has pieces it ensures privacy and strength to surround a pool, backyard, or playground area and can include gates for your access convenience.

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