The Advantages Of A Wrought Iron Fence

While there are disadvantages to a wrought iron fence, including the high cost, maintenance and lack of privacy, the advantage of an ornamental iron fence are traits sought by many homeowners.

The traits that make wrought iron fences desired begin with its appearance. An iron fence running the perimeter of a yard provides an elegant, traditional look to a home.

The wrought iron fence can be as elegant and formal as simple pickets and rails with a basic speared top, or as decorative and ornamental as having patterned rails, intricate pointed tops or curved, decorated elements layered over the iron fence pickets.

In addition to being decorative, the pickets and sharp tops also provide security to an iron fence by making it difficult for anyone to scale. Properly installed ornamental wrought iron fences are also the most sturdy of fence types, making them difficult to tear down or break through.

While wrought iron fences are the traditional name of the type of fence, they aren’t all made of iron. The wrought iron fence can also be made of aluminum or steel.

No matter the metal the fence is made of, all are treated to protect them from the elements and extend the life of a fence that already is longer than any other type of fence while adding durability to what is already is the most durable of any fence type.

The combination of the classical appearance, security and durability make a wrought iron fence a strong choice for your property.