3 Rail Ornamental Fences

Ornamental fencing is made with new manufacturing and protective coatings that providing high strength and limit required maintenance. This type of fence is among the oldest of fences which means ornamental fences offer a timeless beauty and style unmatched by other types of fences.

The metals used for ornamental fences are strong, durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions for years with few signs of wear or tear. These fences require very little maintenance and can provide a lifetime of beauty.

The new technology extends the time needed between maintenance painting, and wrought iron fencing also provides security through its strength and the styling options that can include pointed, spear-like finials that provide an element of security due the danger and difficulty of climbing over it.

The three-rail ornamental fence refers to the number of horizontal bars — or rails — used in the fence with the top two rails offering an opportunity to provide a stylish touch to the top of your wrought iron fence.

Ornamental fences stand up to heavy use and can take years of wear and tear. This fence is a great option for fence applications that will see heavier use and will maintain its good looks for a very long time.

These fences provide excellent sight lines while maintaining security with the decorative, black lines providing a strong contrast to landscaping, a pool or other features of your property. Ornamental iron fences are a favorite when it comes to combining aesthetics with functionality.

Among the strongest fence options, an ornamental fence can increase the value of your property. The enhanced curb appeal of a stylish and beautiful ornamental fence will contribute to your property for years to come.

For a fence that requires minimal painting, repairs and regular upkeep, an ornamental fence is your best choice. Made of rust-resistant materials, your fence will retain its good looks through years of Minnesota’s hot summers and frigid winters.

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View examples of 3 Rail Ornamental Fences installed in Twin Cities yards.

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View examples of 3 Rail Ornamental Fences installed in Twin Cities yards.