Part 2: Choosing Between Wood Privacy and PVC Fencing

For those with children or pets seeking enhanced privacy and security beyond the realm of chain link or wood picket fences, the options of wood privacy and PVC fences present themselves as alluring alternatives. These choices offer a blend of elegance and visual appeal, delivering the desired privacy and security while maintaining a stylish aura.

Wood privacy and PVC fences stand as the epitome of combining style with practicality.

Wood privacy fencing caters to diverse requirements, but it needs consistent maintenance to preserve its original allure and may require occasional repairs as it ages. The impact of weather and the elements can occasionally leave certain wood fences vulnerable compared to alternative fence types.

Per square foot, wood fencing usually carries a higher cost than chain link fencing. However, the material expenses for wood fencing are generally lower than those for other non-chain link fence types.

When considering the total cost of a wood privacy fence, it’s imperative to account for ongoing maintenance, potential repairs, and a potentially shorter lifespan.

The precise installation cost of a wood privacy fence hinges on the volume of wood needed, a factor determined by the fence’s height and style.

Diverse styles of wood privacy fences abound, ranging from simple alternating boards to more intricate designs featuring tongue-and-groove, interlocking boards, and basketweave patterns. Moreover, there are louvered wood privacy fences employing elongated boards, fences adorned with decorative capped posts, and those displaying gracefully curve-cut tops.

The rich array of style options significantly contributes to the popularity of wood fences. With an array of styles to choose from, a wood privacy fence can cater to every taste.

The type of wood employed, the color of the stain or paint, and the incorporation of additional elements like latticework or trellises further enable the customization of a wood privacy fence’s appearance.

Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing has garnered favor among homeowners for its minimal maintenance demands, impressive durability, and accompanying lifetime warranty. Vinyl fences eschew the need for painting or staining and can be effortlessly cleaned using a hose and water. They exhibit resilience against environmental factors, withstanding rotting and warping.

The spectrum of vinyl fence styles has expanded beyond basic privacy panels to encompass picket and rail fences, even featuring simulated wood grain. However, the prefabricated nature of vinyl fences results in fewer style alternatives compared to the versatile on-site construction of wood fences. Additionally, vinyl fences are available in a limited selection of predetermined colors.

For those seeking a low-maintenance fence primed to endure the years, vinyl fencing stands as an attractive choice. However, it’s worth noting that vinyl fences may entail higher initial costs than their wood counterparts.

While vinyl fences are initially pricier than wood fences, the lifetime warranty and absence of regular upkeep may offset the higher expense over time. Vinyl fences also exhibit heightened durability, often outlasting wood fences for many years.

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In our subsequent article, we’ll delve into Trex composite and ornamental iron fencing.