Different Kinds Of Chain Link Fence

There are many types of chain link fences to choose from when deciding on the right choice for your personal or commercial property fence and Midwest Fence can help meet all your needs.

A more affordable choice than iron, wood or pvc, chain link fences are a great alternative. A galvanized steel chain link fence is made from woven and interlocking steel wire and is a very stable choice, using posts that are cemented into the ground.

Once a chain link fence is installed properly there is no ongoing maintenance for them and they can be cleaned with soap and water to keep it looking fresh and new.

Chain link fences are good choices for many things. To keep pets safe in your yard, or many people use them to make dog kennels or runs or to use around dog parks. Chain link fences also offer a secure barrier around a home or commercial property. They are available in different heights. It is also a good choice for playgrounds, areas for baseball or basketball, or other sporting activities.

One choice of chain link fence that can give your yard a unique look is the California style chain link fences. These fences replace steel posts with wood and connects the top and bottom of the posts with wood beams. The galvanized chain link fence is then attached to the wood. The California style gives added beauty to the look of the fence with the wood while providing the convenience of a chain link fence.

Another option for a chain link fence is to add a vinyl coating. You can choose from a green or black vinyl coated chain link fence that seals the metal and protects it and keeps it from fading over time.

Both the black and green choices blend naturally with the surrounding environment. When the galvanized steel chain link fences are covered in vinyl it makes them strong and durable and can withstand the difficult weather changes that come with living in Minnesota.

Chain link fences are also a good choice for temporary use. The steel posts can be easily pulled from the ground, and the fencing rolled up, so it is a choice used on many job sites.

Chain link fences come with a variety of choices in the thickness of the metal mesh used in the fence, and different styles of gauges. The thicker the gauge, the longer it can be galvanized providing for less rust and corrosion.

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