September 2013

What Is Pressure Treatment Of Wood In Fences?

In our previous posts we discussed the various types of wood used in fences, including pressure-treated pine, exotic woods, red cedar and redwoods in wood fences.

Manufacturers can use pressure treating of wood to extend its life against rot, termites and other insects that degrade the wood, ideal for a wood fence.

The process uses pressure to inject chemicals into the wood that preserve it. The process can be used to inject many types of chemicals and other materials into the wood.

Pressure-treated wood is used for residential, commercial and industrial purposes. Railroad ties, guardrail posts alongside roadways and timbers for marine use are treated with creosote. …

Red Cedar, Redwood Wood Fences Popular Choice

As discussed in our previous post there are a variety of woods used in fencing from the more affordable pressure-treated pine and spruce to the more expensive durable and attractive white oak and exotic woods.

In between those options are two popular options for wood fencing, Cedar and Redwood.

These two woods do make attractive fences that are more durable and stronger than pine and spruce but less expensive that oak or exotic woods.

Because of those features, Cedar and Redwood are also popular for other uses.

Redwoods are popular for outdoor uses including furniture, siding, decks and railing given it contains resins that naturally repel mold, termites and other damage-causing insects. The most well-known redwood is California redwood, which’s heartwood will last for 25 years or longer without treatment. …