June 2013

PVC Vinyl Vs. Trex Composite Fencing

In our last post we discussed the advantages of Trex Composite fencing. In this post we will compare PVC (or vinyl) fencing with Trex Composite fencing.

There are two main types of manufactured material used to make fencing, vinyl (or PVC) and the newer composite fencing, led by manufacturer Trex.

PVC fencing came to market in the late 1970s and early 1980s. When vinyl fencing hit the market it was recognized as an alternative to wood fencing that required less maintenance and had a longer lifespan. …

Trex Fiberglass Is Newest Fence Material

In our last post we discussed the evolution of PVC vinyl fencing with the addition of simulated wood grain and sturdier PVC fence posts.

In this post we will examine new composite plastic material used in Trex fencing.

Composite fencing material is created combining wood fibers — reclaimed from manufacturers and sawdust — and plastic in a proprietary process to create custom shaped pieces for each fence design.

The unique material is resistant to water, rot., heat, cold and insects. It is dense, making it strong, tested to sustain steady 110 mph winds and gusts up to 130 mph.

Color is typically added as part of the manufacturing process not added as an acrylic finish after the material is extruded. This means the color will last longer and suffer less wear. IN fact, the material is over pigmented so it will fade to its intended color. …

Evolution Of Vinyl Fencing

In our previous post we learned the origin of PVC fencing and the advantages vinyl fencing offers homeowners. In this post we’ll discuss the continued advances being made to vinyl fences.

The newest advance feeds the newest trend in vinyl fences, which is texture, mainly wood grain.

When PVC fencing first came to market the fence was smooth, whether the vinyl fence style was a picket fence, privacy fence, split rail or other type of fence.

But, in recent years, answering to what some homeowners sought in a fence, the industry began offering the option of simulated wood grain. …